Google Classroom vs Edmodo

So, a new school year and there are new toys with which to play.

One of the ones I’ve been hotly anticipating has been Google Classroom, which finally went live for those of us not ‘invited’ to trial it, during the Summer break.

At the moment, I’m struggling a little to see the difference between this Edmodo – indeed, in many respects, I think Edmodo is a more user-friendly tool.

I’m going to ‘turn it live’ to all my classes tomorrow – so I’m interested to see how they respond to it (especially those that became familiar with Edmodo last year).

I think this video below is a pretty decent guide as to how it all works.

Certainly, the ability to host all the Google Apps for Education under one roof is a pretty helpful one – and, at this early stage, I’m liking the ‘share’ facility between things in my Google Drive and those I would like the students to see. I’ve been playing around with Google Forms and Sheets in my introductory lessons to complete the basic admin tasks – so it’s got good functionality there.

As I say – I’m not sure that there’s an awful lot here that I haven’t been doing with Edmodo (especially since Edmodo started letting me link to Google Drive) however, I’m sure there will be a greater range of features on the way.

I’d be interested in others’ feedback – especially those who use Edmodo. Is what Google have released anything new?

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