Adobe Voice – nearly the perfect tool

The biggest problem I’m having with trying to make greater use of technology in my classroom is the sheer amount of time it takes to create materials.

Now, I’m willing to hold my hand up and acknowledge that most of that is because I’m rubbish at this. Honestly. The 75th time you’ve accidentally deleted your work rather than update it, you make your piece with your intrinsic rubbishness.

So, with that in mind, I was really interested when a colleague was waxing lyrical about ‘Voice’ by Adobe for the Ipad. Certainly, the example that they showed me was pretty darn impressive. What was more interesting, though, was how quickly she’d been able to produce it, compared to me and my PowerPoint woes.
I had a play and managed to come up with the following, in under fifteen minutes, that would be perfect for my classroom . . . if I could do anything with it. (and yes, I know I get a word wrong in the last stanza – my memory is not perfect!)
In an ideal world, what I want to do is put that video at the start of a presentation and then discuss the poem in a little more detail in the manner of the other videos on my Youtube channel.
Which would be cool.
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be the facility to do that. I can share a link to the video that is stored on the Adobe ‘cloud’, but I cannot embed it in any meaningful way to anything else I use. I’ve had a play and I can record it playing on my laptop and share that recording, but there’s a serious drop off in quality and – to be honest – that feels like it devalues the exercise.
Which is a shame.
However, Voice has only been live for a couple of months and, from looking at their support website, I’m not the only user to feel this frustration. So, hopefully, they’ll do something about it – of particular help would be enabling people to share their videos to Youtube. Not having that option feels wilfully irritating, to be honest.
So, overall: Adobe ‘Voice’ – nearly the perfect tool.

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