Getting students to share . . .

Another long time between posts – the perils of having lots of exam classes, I guess!

In lessons of late, we’ve been doing lots of revision, essay writing and revisiting previously taught material in order to make sure all of the pupils were as ready as possible for their exams. I’ve – as I’m sure all colleagues have! – found myself inundated by an excellent range of notes, plans and essays pupils wish me to look over as we approach that key examination date.

It struck me that, particularly with my one class – my AS Emily Dickinson group – so much of what they were doing was worth of holding on to and showing to future years. Too often, it seems to me, pupils produce excellent stuff and then it vanishes along with them. I wanted to find a way to value what they had done by making it available to a wider audience, but also to hold onto their information as a searchable database for those coming after them.

What I’ve collated is most certainly not a collection of exemplars of perfect practice. The work has been generated by pupils across the ability range. However, what I’ve put together is a good range of examples of ways to go about the study and revision of F661 – I’ve included essays, essay plans, notes and general resources my pupils have found in their Google trawls.

So, with the pupils’ kind permission, I’ve put together everything they’ve sent me over the last few weeks – some are more represented than others, obviously! – on a searchable blog.

I’ll certainly be directing my pupils towards it next year – not as the answer to all their revision prayers, but as a repository to interrogate, disagree with and (perhaps most crucially) add to with work of their own.

You can find it here (and at the top of the page)

Let me know what you think! Does this seem useful to you?


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