Revision menus

I’m seeing quite a number of ‘revision menus’ at the moment from the people I follow on Twitter.

I know lots of people are sceptical about them but, thinking about our first lesson back after the Easter break, I quite like the idea of getting the pupils to have to do something more active than simply getting me to run over things I’ve taught before or inflicting death by practice paper for the next few weeks.

So, using several of the things I’ve been playing with over the last few weeks I’ve put a few of these together for my first lesson back with each class.

The idea is to get them to choose from a couple of different of options – both in terms of type of activity and also content – and then to respond, during the lesson, to three different tasks.

So, this is the one for my Year 11 IGCSE class – focusing on The Importance of Being Earnest

And this one – note the similarity, I’m nothing if not efficient 😉 – is for my Year 12 Emily Dickinson class

As I say, they’re not meant to be the silver bullet for revision, but I like the idea as a way of structuring that tricky first couple of lessons back.

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