Long time no write . . .

So, somewhat comically, for a blog about using technology, just before Christmas, I managed to forget my username and password for all my online accounts: Google+, Youtube, this Blog and various other things.
As my Year 11s would say: “that’s irony, that is.”
However, by a lot of trial and error, I’ve managed to get myself back in – and have used good old-fashioned pen and paper to keep a record of how to, you know, actually log in to all the shiny boxes I now seem to own.
What’s that famous phrase? To err is to be human, but to really mess up you need a computer …
So, due to my enforced lockout, there’s not really been an awful lot going on in terms of using new technology in my teaching. However, I thought something I’ve just put together might be worth sharing – and that’s using prezi.com as a revision aid.
I’m sure lots of you already use Prezi in place of Powerpoint – but if you don’t, I’d really recommend it as a more polished way of demonstrating little bits of information.
I was first shown this a couple of months back by a student but – as we’ve entered the key revision period – it suddenly became quite a sensible way to present information in small, bite-sized pieces for students.
I’ve experimented a little with revision videos over the last year, but I’ve been worried at the length of time they’ve taken me to put together. I’ve been using Powerpoint, an avatar creator and Youtube – and they usually take me an afternoon.
This one took much less time and  – I think – is actually a little more interesting to look at.
I, as always, remain horrified by the strength of my accent – so apologies – and I was watching Liverpool/West Ham at the time, so I become a touch distracted in my comments once or twice 😉
However, and this is for me crucial, as something I can throw my students’s way – especially during the Easter break – I think it’s been very useful.

Let me know what you think!

Hopefully, the next post won’t follow such an hiatus!


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