Finally finding a use for Maths . . .

So, it would be fair to say I am not the greatest mathematician of all time.

However, I’ve found a really useful tool that was created for the Maths classroom, that is actually a perfect method for helping pupils revise quotations.

You can download it here: it’s called Formulator Tarsia.

It looks to me that it is supposed to help with working out quotations and other such pointlessly numerical things – however, you can use it when trying to get pupils to remember key quotations from the texts you are studying. It lets you create a jigsaw puzzle out of important lines from your text, that pupils have to match together properly in order to create a shape.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you get a choice of the shape you would like your pupils to build.

I like the Extended Parquet in the bottom right-hand corner because I think it’s the most difficult – I haven’t tried out the Domino or Card options yet as they don’t do quite what I want to practise this week, however I’m sure they’re equally as interesting.
Once you’ve chosen your shape, you then input your paired quotations – putting the first half of the quotation at the top and the second half at the bottom. You do this until the Tarsia input tab is full – for the option I have this is 16 paired quotations and 10 unpaired ones as red herrings.
Tarisa will then create three sides of A4 with all your jigsaw pieces on it. As the pupils come into the room, I get them to cut out each of their jigsaw pieces.
Then they build their puzzle. This is a pretty good opportunity to see how many of your class a) know the texts well enough b) have ever made a jigsaw before.
Tarsia gives you the solution, just in case you cannot work it out yourself!
 This is a pretty decent kinaesthetic activity, I think – and one likely to reward those who really know their text back to front.

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